Homeschool Learning Plans with LessonTrek


I started the summer out thinking I was going to home school Buggy. I had every intention of doing it. I started reviewing different curriculums, studying habits, learning styles, organization - all of it. Among the material I was looking over, I found a program for homeschool learning plans with LessonTrek! I am a freak about organization - especially when it involves my child's education being put in my hands! I wanted the best way to organize her lesson plans so that it was … [Read more...]

Free Printable: In Case of Emergency Car Seat Sticker

Free Printable Emergency Car Seat Sticker

Knock on wood we - as a family - haven't been in any car accidents other than maybe a fender bender or two where there was no damage and no real cause for concern. (And I specify "we" as a family because I have had an accident or two when I was younger.) However, hubby and the kids were in an accident (not hubby's fault) a few years ago. Luckily, they were all fine (our vehicle not so much) but it had me wondering what would happen if they weren't okay? There's always the "what if". My … [Read more...]

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

guardians of the galaxy

So I have to admit, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy did not initially appeal to me, personally. Then I started seeing things pop up about how great it looked, that people couldn't wait for it to come out, and then hubby jumped on board. Now, he and I are counting down to August 1st when Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy opens in theaters everywhere! Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has a fun cast that includes Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, featuring Vin Diesel as Groot; … [Read more...]

Chasing Charlie by Kathie Carmichael {Book Review}

Chasing Charlie

Raised in a family of rodeo champions on a South Texas cattle ranch, Charlie wants only one thing: to avoid thrill-seeking cowboys. Davis Murphy, cowboy wannabe and one of Dallas's most eligible bachelors, needs a pretty and witty faux fiancée so his widowed mother will marry her longtime gentleman friend. Charlie, his local librarian, seems the prefect choice. Charlie's first reaction is to run, but she's promised herself to step out of her plain-jane routine. When Charlie accepts, … [Read more...]

Summer Beach Reading Party {Giveaway with Several Great Authors!}

Summer Beach Reading Party

Your invited to our Summer Beach Reading Party! Come on over, & pour yourself a drink, relax and enjoy these great Summer reads After a hard day at work, caring for children, or gardening, you deserve a night of pleasure! Open your Kindle or turn the pages of these great books for summer. Whether you're enjoying the sun on the beach reading or simply curled up in your favorite chair - let us tempt you with these awesome summer reads... Young Adult Summer Reads (FLEDGLING IS … [Read more...]

Whole Lotta Love by Rachelle Ayala {Book Review}

Whole Latte Love by Rachelle Ayala

Investment banking intern Carina Chen doesn’t need any distractions—especially the sexy, guitar-playing barista she rooms with for the summer. Free spirit Dylan Jewell appreciates the delightful universe of women who vie for his attention. His goal in life is to do good, make happy coffee, and help the homeless. When Carina moves in, she insists on rules of conduct to quell her instant attraction to Dylan. But when her boss asks her to turn Dylan into a businessman, she can’t think of a … [Read more...]

As You Wish: A Place Where Creativity Flows

As You Wish A Place Where Creativity Flows

For Father's Day (I know, I am way behind) we took the kids to As You Wish for their Father's Day event to make daddy a mug for a Father's Day gift. The plan was for my friend and I to hang out while the kids painted, but we couldn't just sit there after a few minutes! We ended up painting our own pieces while the kids worked on their projects! As You Wish is a place where creativity flows! As You Wish is an indoor, air conditioned studio which is great for Arizona summers. You … [Read more...]

Fated For Love by Melissa Foster {Book Review}

Fated for Love by Melissa Foster

NEWLY RELEASED... Book #8 The Bradens, Love in Bloom Series #16 FATED FOR LOVE is the second of six hot, wealthy, and wickedly naughty Braden cousins, and the newest additions to the BRADEN series by New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Melissa Foster. Librarian Callie Barnes has visions of reading and relaxing—and maybe having a few too many drinks—on her girls’ weekend away. Her hopes are crushed when her friends pull into a dude ranch instead of a spa, and … [Read more...]

Family Movie Night Popcorn and Other Must Haves

Family Movie Night Popcorn and Other Must Haves #PerfectPop #GoodbyeBurnedPopcorn

We love popcorn. We love movies. We love family. What's better than a family movie night!? We are pro's at family movie night so the kids and I thought we would share our family movie night popcorn and other must haves so you can enjoy a family movie night too! Pajamas - We like to put on our jammies and get comfy before we start our family night movie. Blankets/Pillows/Stuffed Animals - The kiddos bring out their blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals to lay on the floor in … [Read more...]

My 5 Must Haves for Weight Loss

My 5 Must Haves for Weight Loss

One of my new year goals for the last couple of years has been to eat healthier and lose weight. I tend to jump on board and do really well, and then somewhere along the lines, I fall off the wagon. Then I tend to repeat the cycle. Now, I'm getting ready to start again and wanted to share my 5 must haves for weight loss. Healthy Foods - If I start my journey, I need to ensure I have healthy snacks in the house, on hand, ready to be eaten. I usually stock up on fruits, vegetables, … [Read more...]