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The Recall Epidemic

Every year millions of products get recalled. More than 85 million products and vehicles were recalled in 2010 alone. Almost 50 million out of these posed a direct threat to child safety. Wow, right? There have been several cases of accidents and even deaths of infants due to defective cribs, strollers and other child products. The problem is that people do not find about these recalls. Millions of defective products which pose a threat to families are still in their homes.

The Solution

SafetyBook is a home inventory tracker and product recall monitor. You can privately register your products with SafetyBook. SafetyBook will monitor them and send you Direct-AlertTM notification when your item is recalled. SafetyBook helps protect you and your family from dangerous recalled products and provides you with peace of mind.

Users can register up to 3 products for FREE or get a lifetime membership for unlimited product registration for $18 only.

SafetyBook offers:

  • 24/7 Monitoring: SafetyBook instantly checks your product safety status at registration, then monitors those items for safety changes moving forward.
  • Private & Secure: Your product registry is not shared or sold to third parties. SafetyBook provides bank–level data security and industry–leading identity protection.
  • Registration Chain™: Selling something or giving it away? No problem. Easily preserve SafetyBook monitoring by transfer registered products to the new owner via email.
  • Home Insurance Inventory: Easily add images or your products and/or receipts to build a printable inventory of major home goods in the event of an insurance claim.
  • Lost & Found: Generate your own custom ID code and stick it on your valuable items. Should someone find it, they simply enter your code on SafetyBook and can alert you that they’ve found it.
  • Member Forums/Reviews/Chat: Participate in SafetyBook forums and chat live with other members; research product reviews from certified members you can trust.

My Thoughts:

This is pretty neat! I was able to set up an account and immediately put our vehicles into my SafetyBook. (And find out there were 5 recalls for our make and model of our car and 2 recalls for our make and model of our van.) You can add vehicles, household appliances and child products. Shoot, the only thing that came to mind that they didn’t have was animal products!

You can also search a particular product for a recall through their “Product Recall Search”. All in all, I think this is a great program to use to help keep track of the important things like recalls. And what parent has time (or organization) to keep track of all their products!? I know I don’t!

For YOU!

Head on over to SafetyBook where you can sign up for free and register 3 products OR you can use coupon code LEELS50 for 50% off lifetime membership (coupon code expires May 31st 2012).

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Leila is a part time office manager, full time Masters student in social work, mommy to Buggy (aka Mini Me), Buddy, and Lil Miss (aka Baby Girl), as well as 4 fur babies and a hubby! Leila shares the ups and downs as Life as Leels by way of book reviews, recipes, crafts/do-it-yourself, mental health awareness, parenting, and local events.


  1. This company is offering a very useful service. Staying abreast of recalls is so important. The lifetime membership is a steal at that price.
    Diane N – Philzendia recently posted..Make Recycling Easy with the Rubbermaid Hidden RecyclerMy Profile

  2. That is amazing. It would be especially helpful with products recalled for heavy chemicals (like lead) in them since those always seem to slip through at first.
    Determined Momma recently posted..Tots and Me Celebration GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Ok, this is something I’m going to recommend for anyone with kids. I love to buy stuff at garage sales or second-hand, like play kitchens or ride-on toys. Of course, I’m not the original purchaser, so I don’t get the warranty card to send it. Not to mention all the baby gifts and things you get from folks. There are so many recalls these days it’s scary. I don’t just want this, I NEED it.
    Jen – Life With Levi recently posted..Planning A Trip? Can Help!My Profile

  4. Nice service!
    Johannah B recently posted..Stopping Waste in Our Home – Part 2My Profile

  5. This is a good idea, especially when you are not sure if you have purchased that item or not some time ago.
    Nicoyle S recently posted..Teacher Appreciation Week 2012My Profile

  6. This would be nice. I don’t always think to check recalls.
    Jacqui Odell recently posted..Magical Mother’s Day Giveaway Hop 5/7-14My Profile

  7. That’s an amazing deal! Things you never think about are recalls. Life is so busy and hurried, that we don’t take the time to check out our products even when it concerns our children! Thanks for this post!
    Melody recently posted..Mansfield ReformatoryMy Profile

  8. This is very cool – something I definitely need to keep in mind when we have kids. Kids stuff seems to always get recalled within minutes of it being sold. lol
    Jenn [ Crippled Girl ] recently posted..Zebra HatMy Profile

  9. Heather Bryant says:

    I love this idea!
    Heather Bryant recently posted..Me and MineMy Profile

  10. Wow! This would’ve been helpful when my POS van had a recall and they never told me about it. My rear axle snapped in half WHILE I was driving with the kids. Thankfully I was on a side road doing about 20 MPH.. if I had been on the highway doing 70 we most likely would have died.
    Sadie recently posted..Twice Loved Finds Week of 5/6My Profile

    • Right!? Come to find out both of our vehicles have had recalls. Hubby has to follow up on one of them!

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