A to Z Challenge: H = Hope

Today’s letter is H and I have decided to share my hopes for my children. My daughter turned 6 in December and is currently in Kindergarten. My little guy turns 4 in 18 days!

– I hope they never have to be bullied. By anyone.

– I hope they never have to experience heartache (even though it is inevitable, I really hope they don’t!)

– I hope they don’t ever have to struggle financially, but…

– I hope that they grow up thankful for what they have and not be selfish.

– I hope they find love with whomever.

– I hope they find happiness.

– I hope they know how much they are loved by not only me and their daddy, but the many other people in our family and circle of friends that really do love them.

– I hope they never have to suffer whether it be physically, mentally or emotionally.

– I hope they are successful in life.

– I hope they never pick up the nasty habit of smoking (something two generations of us have gone through!)

– I hope they never become addicts (again, runs in the family).

I hope for nothing but the best for my children as I am sure any parent hopes for their children!

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