Cherish Childhood with Gymboree


I love my children to pieces. I wish they would stay little forever, but time has flown by! I can’t believe that my two babies are now in 2nd grade and Kindergarten and that my newborn is well on her way to 7 months old, eating, sitting up unassisted, and soon to be crawling I’m sure!

Each day is a reminder to cherish childhood – to cherish their childhood – and to soak up every second I can with them!

As we head into the busy back-to-school season (busy is an understatment!), Gymboree will be celebrating and sharing cherished moments in childhood.

The other day, I wrote a letter to my children with my wish for them. But, today, I join Gymboree in celebrating and share some (all of them would take more than one post!) cherished memories of my kids with you!


From the Mouths of Babes:

Buggy: I have a friend named Ellie from China.

Buddy: If she lived in China she’d be late everyday.

* * * * *

Earlier today Buddy told me he wanted hearing aids. I asked him why and his response? “So when people tell me things that I don’t want to hear, I can just turn them off and not hear them.”

* * * * *

The other day, Buddy and I were driving to a playdate together and he asked me if I liked something (I can’t remember what it was, but I think it was a song). I told him that I did and he stated he did too. He asked me if I liked another something and again, I said I did. His response this time? “Me too. It’s like we’re twins.”

Cherish Childhood with Gymboree


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    I love seeing your collage of memories! Pictures are worth a thousand words as they capture our moments and take us back to those precious times we can not get back again!

  2. says

    I love listening to the things kids say. We have one that is so very random that I actually keep a list of things she says that make me smile on my phone. Always there to glance over when I need a giggle.

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