Exchanging Waste for Awesome Gifts with TerraCycle #NGgiftguide

What if you could reduce waste and get some awesome gifts at the same time? No seriously.

What if you could give someone garbage and they create the coolest gifts for those special people in your life? I’m for real!

TerraCycle upcycles and recycles traditionally non-recycable waste (including drink pouches, chip bags, tooth brushes and many more) into a large variety of consumer products. These products keep waste out of our landfills and contribute to a cleaner world.

I was provided some of the coolest items ever to review (and to add to my gift giving list!)

I received the Upcycled Mail Sack Tote that as soon as I opened the box, hubby and I were fighting over it!

I love this tote! It is a large tote (measuring at 13″ L x 6″ W x 16″ H) that is so unique! If you look closely on the bag, you can see “U S”. This tote is made out of repurposed mail sacks! Honestly, the coolest thing I have ever seen and even hubby thinks its cool.

In addition to my tote bag, I was able to review the items that TerraCycle is so kindly providing as a giveaway on the Noise Girls winter gift guide (and I promise, you will love these items!)

Capri Sun Drink Pouch back pack

Friday I had a long doctor appointment so we packed up the backpack for Buddy (the perfect size for his little 4 year old self) and away we went on our busy day. You would not believe the attention he got for that backpack! Everyone who saw it loved it. It so unique and even I was in awe at how neat this backpack was. The straps have Capri Sun drink pouches and the front does as well. I had fun sitting there seeing the different flavors that were used to put the bag together! And it really is a great size for someone Buddy’s age and would be good for preschool as well!

Recycled watering can

I am going to admit right now, I did not use it. I do not have a garden and frankly, with fall, it isn’t good timing for planting a garden anyway, BUT, I do have a gardener on my gift giving list that this will be perfect for!

It is a nice sized watering can and the surface is smooth enough that I think I will be decorating it to personalize it for my gift recipient to make it that much more special for holiday gift giving!

M&M’s Eco Speakers

These are definitely up there with “cool” gift ideas!

They are cardboard speakers that come flattened, but you just fold and tuck some areas to make boxes (I will say, this took a little bit of patience to put together). They work fabulously with my iPod and what I love the best is that they are not battery operated. I may be odd in that respect, but the last set of speakers I got for my iPod were battery operated. These are not.

They sound great and they look great! My kids love that there is music coming out of the M&M’s boxes on my desk now! (And I love that I can listen to my iPod where ever I go now!)

TerraCycle is being featured in the Noise Girls winter gift guide along with other great holiday ideas!

Be sure to like TerraCycle on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!



  1. Elizabeth Towns says

    I have been following Terracycle for a while now, wanting to review some of the recycled products! I absolutely love the ingenious idea this company is built around. I love, love, love the tote and the back pack, and I know somebody is gonna be really happy with that gardening gift! Great post.

  2. Mary says

    What great products! We’ve been teaching the kids more about recycling, and now that we are doing more projects I might teach them about this group and have them create some of their own upcycled projects! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  3. Marthalynn says

    Love that cute backpack! It’s the perfect size for my little guy. And what an eye-catcher! Terracycle really does have such good gift ideas.

  4. Michele P. says

    very cool how this company re-uses so many things we throw away and turns them into fun products. Love the capri sun items and I know my daughter would too as that is her favorite juice drink.

  5. sindy murray says

    I really like the kids back pack!! I have heard and visited Terracycle before and I think they make amazing stuff!!

  6. chelesa sims says

    So cute. Iam love those M&M speakers. We all love M&M’s in our house . I love that mail bag .I would have to hide that mail bag from my daughter though.She might try to snatch it. LOL


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