January 2013 Instagram Photo a Day: Day 18

I will admit, I have some OCD quirks. I really do. And I’m not sure if he has picked them up from me or if he has his own quirks, but this new one? Wow is all I can say.

No movie case can be left untouch. Every. Single. Case. he finds goes on his tower collection. Most of the actual DVD’s have been removed from the cases and put in a cd case holder, but the cases go on the tower.

We keep a bookshelf with DVD’s in it in the garage and he is constantly going in the garage to grab more cases. All the cases from the closet are in the tower. Any cases that used to be all over my floors and furniture? On the tower.

This is Buddy’s collection of DVD cases!

PS: This just started around Christmas time and he was excited to get DVD’s as Christmas presents although I’m not sure what he was more excited about – the movies themselves or the cases to be added to his tower!

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