My Baby Must Haves

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I am currently expecting baby #3 and I have learned over time what “must-haves” are really must-haves when it comes to babies.

I asked some of my readers what their must-haves were and this is what they shared:

  • “A ‘carrier’ carseat – if they fall asleep in the car, you can get them in the house without waking them up”
  • “Baby sling, burp rags, extra onesies, hand mits and a bassinet; a good nipple ointment if breastfeeding”
  • “Butt paste, gas drops, co-sleeper, Hylands homeopathic cold medicine, amber teething necklace”
  • “Sleep sacks”
  • “Diapers and blankets”

I agree that those are some great “must-haves”!

If I were to give a new, first time mommy a list of “must-haves”, these would be it:

  1. The carrier car seat for sure! You need a carseat before you leave the hospital and while you will have to upgrade later dependent on weight, the carrier type carseat is great when they are little. With Buddy, we would be able to carry the carrier in with sleeping baby and set in his crib without worrying about waking him (he was a pill to get to sleep!) PS: The carrier car seat and stroller combos are great!
  2. Diapers, diapers, diapers! I have read that if you are cloth diapering, you should start with 36 diapers – a dozen for each day with washing every other day. If using disposables, I would recommend at least two packs to get you through the first few days!
  3. Wipes – again, cloth or disposable based on your preference.
  4. Feeding. If you are nursing, I highly recommend Lansinoh Lanolin for soreness relief. If you are formula feeding, you will need bottles and formula.
  5. Sleeping quarters. Again, this will depend on your preference. With Buggy (#1) we were given a bassinet that we used before moving her to her own room in her own crib. With Buddy (#2) the bassinet did not work for him. We ended up moving his crib in our room next to the bed and then moving the entire crib into his own room. I will do the same with #3 so really, no bassinet is needed.
  6. Fitted sheets for the crib mattress.
  7. Receiving blankets for swaddling and covering baby when needed.
  8. Boppy pillow if nursing. I would not have survived without mine!
  9. Clothing, onesies. We wear lots and lots of onesies!
  10. Gripe water! I learned with Buddy that whatever I ate would impact him and how dearly I paid for that! Fortunately, Gripe Water is natural and worked wonders at breaking down the gas in Buddy’s baby tummy!
  11. A swing! I could not survive motherhood without a swing! There were many a night my kids spent the night in a swing. Buggy slept in one as a baby when she got a cold. Buddy would sleep in one many nights because it was the only way he would sleep! It is a definite must-have at my house!

What would your list of “must-haves” include?

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  1. Carrie says

    One thing I didn’t realize I would need right away is nursing pads. I can’t believe how much I leaked when my milk came in. It can be embarrassing if you don’t have pads! And I love the washable kind!

    • Leila says

      Yes! I did miss those! I am going to try the washable kind this time around! :) Where do you prefer to purchase yours?

  2. Audra says

    I swore by my Moby Wrap and still do. I pass it around to my friends to use for their babies! I love your suggestions as well!

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