Origami Owl: The Perfect Personalized Holiday Gift #NGGiftGuide

I love Origami Owl, especially as a gift for loved ones because it can be so personalized.

I got my living locket and created it to revolve around my family. I did a girl birthstone for my daughter; a boy birthstone for my son; the “I love you” hand (which my family uses all the time); a coffee cup for hubby and my first date; and an “I love my dog” charm because I’m pretty smitten with my dog. And now that my family is growing, I will be able to add a charm for #3 when they come along.

The perfect personalized gift (for yourself or anyone!)

My mother in law is an emotional, sentimental being like me so I knew the perfect gift for her. She loves being a grandma. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), my kids are her only grandkids thus far so when we have thought about other grandmother items for her, we’ve needed something that can grow as the grandchildren do.

What better than Origami Owl?

I got her a large gold locket because I knew she wore gold and because I wanted it to be large enough to fit all her charms.

I got her a gold plate that read “grandma”.

The “I love you” charm (I’m telling you – this symbol is huge in my family. My kids could sign ‘I love you’ well before they could speak it).


I got the December heart birthstone to represent my daughter. And the April heart birthstone to represent my son.



When #3 is born, I will get their heart birthstone to add in and when my sister in law has children, there will be plenty of room for her children too!

The finished product was gorgeous:

I couldn’t be happier with the final gift! And because my family sometimes reads my blog, I had to give it to my mother in law early. She loves it. She wears it everywhere and just tonight she mentioned how many comments she gets in a day for it!

This a completely successful holiday gift!

Origami Owl is being featured in the Noise Girls winter gift guide along with other great holiday ideas.

In addition, Donelle is providing a $25 gift certificate (to be redeemed through her) to purchase your own personalized holiday gift.

You can get a head start by checking out Donelle’s Origami Owl website and liking her on Facebook.


    • Leila says

      Thank you! I was pretty pleased with how it turned out! And it is so special and meaningful which makes it all the more better!

  1. Marthalynn says

    So pretty! This is such a great gift idea! And it’s great that you can add on more as you go along. I’d like to get this for my mom.

  2. says


    I would love to help each and everyone of you create that special locket !
    Since I became a designer I have heard stories that not only made me laugh but made me cry! It is not only fun for me but very comforting to know that people feel comfortable enough to share their story with me. Hearing these stories have not only affected me as a person but made me realize just how blessed I am!
    Looking forward to helping you all!

  3. Hannah Avery says

    Personalized gifts are awesome! So glad your mother in law liked it! It sounds like something my grandma would like too!


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