Perfect Holiday Gift for Parents with Bobee #NGgiftguide

With the holidays right around the corner and us expecting baby #3, I wanted to find a great gift idea for new or expecting parents. And guess what? I found it!


This is the niftiest little contraption I have ever seen!

It came as a blank Bobee with different colored stickers (brown, pink, blue, yellow and green) to decorate.

I received it prior to knowing gender so I liked that if I was going to remain neutral, I could. But, since we did find out gender, we decided to use girl colors and as you can see – I love the combination of brown and pink!

It was super easy to install. It came with all the hardware so hubby just had to hang it for me and as you can see from the photo below – it took four easy screws.

And of course, I happened to have some disposable diapers laying around so we had to fill it up! I also got a thing of wipes because I was curious if a pack of wipes exposed would dry out. I am happy to report that the wipes were put in Saturday night and as of Tuesday night, they were still usable (they were not as wet as when first put in, but they were usable).

I really am in love with this and highly recommend for any new or expecting parent!

We put ours in a spot that is right next to the changing table to make it easier for access. I don’t have to worry about where to put the diapers and wipes – they are just right there on the wall in an easy access location. And I’ve played with taking the cover on and off to refill and it’s super easy!

Here is a YouTube video of how exactly to use your Bobee:


Bobee is being featured in the Noise Girls winter gift guide along with other great holiday ideas!

In addition, we will be giving away one Bobee! You can get a head start by liking Bobee on Facebook and following Bobee on Twitter! Be sure to check out her website at!



  1. Rachel says

    Can you not close the wipes? I guess it kindof defeats the purpose, but I’d want them to last more than a few days….

    • Leila says

      The way it is set up, you remove the cover for the wipes so that the actual wipes hang down through the bottom. We worried about that, but we bought a small package of wipes for like .69 cents and they didn’t dry up until after a few days and they were completely unused. We imagine that when #3 gets here at the beginning of the year, we’ll be going through the bigger packs of wipes every couple of days with diaper changes and will be using them so they won’t dry out so quickly! :)


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