Ways Parenthood Has Changed My Life

Mariah at Formula Mom did a post entitled 10 Ways Parenthood Has Changed Me and I thought it would be neat to give my own ways that parenthood has changed my life (besides some of the obvious) outside of the great ways Mariah listed on her blog!

Spontaneity. Before kids, we could just get up and go. A friend calls to go out to dinner or go shoot pool or what have you, we could just go. Now, we have to find a sitter (which usually takes advanced notice) before we can go anywhere or we can only do activities without the other or with the kids.

Couple Time. Ha, what’s that!? If we cannot do it with the kids, 99% of the time only one of us goes.

Alone Time. Really!? Must they follow me in the bathroom!?

Shopping is Fun! I hate shopping. I have always hated shopping. But if I am shopping for my kids- watch out! I can shop all day!

Sleep. I have lost the ability to ever sleep through the night again peacefully until they are at least grown and moved out of the house (and even then I’m not sure I will get a full night of peaceful sleep!) Even at 6 years and almost 4 years, my kids still get up at night. And if they aren’t getting up, I have a constant ear out for the monitor or doors slamming or kids crying out.

Emotional Overload. It is amazing what can make me tear up since becoming a mommy!

Overwhelming Love. I never, ever imagined I could love someone (or in my case two someones) as much as I love my kids. I would move Heaven and Earth for my children.

In what ways has your life changed since having kids?

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