Do you listen to music when falling asleep?

I remember using music to fall asleep when I was living at home and then it stopped for some time when I moved out. When I started staying at hubby’s house, we would fall asleep with music on.

Again, it stopped and now we use music again to fall asleep.

For a short time, even the older kids used music until they fell asleep. Until Blake broke their radios. (Typical Blake pre-treatment for his aggressive behavior.)

This new gadget, the Google Chromecast, that Best Buy provided to us for review; has been a great gadget to have for the kids falling asleep to music – without the need of a radio to get ruined!

Making Music with Google Chromecast

This little gadget allows you to play music on your speakers, new or old, wirelessly from your phone, laptop or tablet via wi-fi!

Chromecast Audio uses wi-fi instead of Bluetooth and allows you to control the station/music, play, pause, and volume; all from your phone, from any room!

While the music is playing, you can continue to use your phone as usual including calls, texts, and games. Plus it doesn’t drain your battery.

I love that I can still hang out in the living room with hubby watching my shows and or playing games on my phone while I control what music Blake can listen to while going to sleep. I control the volume. I can turn it off should he not listen. I can change a song if it’s not appropriate – I have all the control.

The sounds is crystal clear.

Making Music with Google Chromecast

All I had to do was plug in the speakers we had, plug the speakers into the Chromecast Audio device, and plug the device into the wall.

You do have to download the Google Home app (free) and I had to download a music app because I did not previously had one. (I have not found a way for my Amazon music app to work yet so I downloaded Pandora.)

Every night, after Blake settles into bed, he asks me to turn on his music for him.

I pull up the Google Home app, select Pandora, select the station (lately it’s been Trolls) and let it play. After he falls asleep, I turn the music off via my phone.

It is so easy and allows us to play music in his room and Kadenn’s room – all while I have control. (In case you can’t tell, I’m loving the having control aspect so they aren’t listening to anything inappropriate or changing channels, blaring music, etc.)

The Google Chromecast Audio has really helped with Blake and bedtime and am loving using it every night!