Hey there!

How are you!? How’s the weather?

No, seriously. How is the weather where you live?

I know a lot of people have been getting odd weather (the Pacific Northwest is getting hit with odd amounts of snow and there have been school closures and flight delays galore.)

You know, with the cold weather comes the dreaded ‘man cold’. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The kids get the cold, and mom and gets the cold; but we have all heard about The. Man. Cold.

I know friends and I have joked around, but never in my life did I think I could Google “man cold” and get real results! Do it. Really. You will find all kinds of video and articles – mostly humorous, but they are there.

I thought I would just join in on the humor and share –

The Man Cold Survival Kit

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The Man Cold Survival Kit

1. Vapor rub. I don’t care what brand it is. Just get it. Slather it on his feet and make him wear socks. Slather it on his chest. Make. Him. Wear. It.

2. Blankets. He’s going to fight it, I’m sure. But have one laying on the back of the couch anyway just in case. (You know that’s where he’s planting himself and not going to move! While you’re at it, make sure he as a night stand or other small table near him. He’s going to need that too!)

3. Tissues. Lots and lots of tissues. If you want less whining, be sure it is the lotion type tissues so his nose doesn’t get chapped. (And be sure to place the waste basket near him too or give him a grocery bag to throw the used tissue in. I pick up the kids’ snot rags; I’m not picking up his too!)

4. Soup. Regardless of him being sick; I’m sure he’s still going to be hungry. Soup is a great way to keep him fed while not making his sore throat worse.

5. Coffee or tea. Coffee is hot so it works well. Personally, tea with honey is best BUT, some men are picky!

6. Water. Push the water. Flush the bug right out of his system so he can get right back to life. Lots and lots of water.

7. Cough drop or hard candy. I don’t typically get coughy, but when my throat gets scratchy or I have been congested and mouth breathing – a wintergreen lifesaver works great for “wetting the whistle”.

8. Eucalyptus essential oil. Mixed with a carrier oil and rubbed on his chest or put in a diffuser are great ways to help him feel better while sleeping. (Or sneak into the shower and put a few drops in the hot shower for him. It’s a great way to breath it in!)

9. The remotes. He is not going to stay put on that couch all day without having the remotes so he can watch something! This goes for video game remotes too!

10. Advil® Cold & Sinus. Advil® Cold & Sinus is the #1 pharmacist recommended brand to treat his worst symptoms. It combines Advil and a powerful nasal decongestant to provide fast, powerful relief. (And if you are anything like me, you want fast so you don’t have to hear him whine anymore!)

The Man Cold Survival Kit

In all seriousness, when anyone isn’t feeling well; these are the items that I grab to make everyone feel better!

Advil® Cold & Sinus is one of the items we keep stocked in the home for those just in case times when the cold comes around.

What is your go-to cold survival kit?

Chat soon! xo